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Constipation Home Remedies In Urdu ..

Constipation is uncomfortable for everyone, but the severity of  its symptoms vary from person to person. They include pain, infrequent stools, hard stools, and difficulty in passing stools.

Baking soda is a great DIY solution for a variety of health and beauty problems, including constipation. When ingested, it brings salt, carbon dioxide and water into the digestive system and reacts with stomach acids to cleanse the colon and cure your symptoms. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Is Baking Soda Good for Constipation:

  • Baking soda helps the body release excess air, relieving gas, stomach ache, bloating, and pressure and pain in the digestive tract.
  • It also re – alkalizes the stomach, neutralizing acids and helping stored waste pass more easily through the intestines.
  • Like salt, baking soda draws fluids into the digestive system, prompting intestinal peristalsis—tiny contractions of the gastrointestinal muscles that move food through the intestinal tract.
  • It also acts as a mild laxative, loosening bulky stools to make passing them less painful.
  • As baking soda releases air from the digestive tract, that air forces blockages out of the system, allowing stools to pass without pressure or pain.
  • Because it cleanses the colon, baking soda prevents odor while aiding in proper digestion.

How To Use Baking Soda for Constipation

Below are some of the most effective methods for using baking soda to relieve constipation. Try them all and find the one that works best for you.

1. Baking Soda and Warm Water


  1. Add 1 teaspoon baking soda to a glass.
  2. Pour ¼ cup warm water over it.
  3. Stir until baking soda has dissolved.
  4. Optional: Add a pinch of salt.
  5. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach to break down food and help it pass more easily through the colon.
  6. Make sure to drink plenty of water while using this remedy. It helps prevent constipation.
  7. Note: this method can also be done with room temperature water.

2. Baking Soda with Apple Cider Vinegar

Method 1:

  1. In a bowl, mix 1 teaspoon baking soda with 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar.
  2. Eat this mixture 1-2 times daily depending on the severity of your symptoms.
  3. You can add pinch of sea salt to enhance bowelmovements.
  4. Note: taking too much may cause diarrhea.

Method 2:

  1. In a bowl, mix ½ teaspoon baking soda and 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar.
  2. Add the mixture to a glass of water and mix well.
  3. Drink regularly.

3. Baking Soda with Lemon Juice

The citric acid in lemon juice stimulates the intestines and flushes away toxins that build up on colon walls, aiding in proper digestion. Baking soda neutralizes the acidity of the lemon juice, ensuring that no excess acid is left in the digestive tract to cause pain or discomfort.

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