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Homemade Air Fresheners.

Homemade Air Fresheners

You don’t have to break your wallet to get a whiff of Air Fresheners. Avoid the unlisted chemicals in commercial air fresheners by making your own delightful Air Fresheners at home from known ingredients.


  1. Water
  2. Sprig of rosemary
  3. Vanilla extract
  4. Lemon juice


To create a fresh, clean scent, let two cups of water come to a boil with a sprig of rosemary, vanilla extract, and the juice from half a lemon. Toss in the rind, too: It’ll add zest and look pretty.


  1. 5 ml (1 tsp) Baking soda
  2. 5 ml (1 tsp) Lemon juice
  3. 2-3 drops Essential oil (of choice)
  4. 500 ml (2 cups) hot water


Add the Baking soda, Lemon juice and Essential oil  to a medium sized bowl

Add the hot water.

Stir with a wooden spoon to dissolve. Allow to cool.

Pour the dissolved mixture into a spray bottle.

Alternatively, you can skip the bowl, by simply putting the baking soda, lemon juice, essential oil, and hot water into your spray bottle, and shaking it well.

Spritz the air whenever needed. Shake well before spraying.

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Article By Marina Khan



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