Finding ways to get rid of stress is very important in today’s chaotic world. Sometimes we need daily reminders that we live, think and feel that we are not only workaholics and machinery.

If we do not take care of our stress, it can in a short time reach a very unhealthy level which can sometimes lead to serious conditions such as depression, anxiety disorder, heart problems, diabetes, gastritis, problems with eating, insomnia, abuse substances, as well as headaches and muscle aches.

50 Ways to Get Rid Of Stress in 5 Minutes or Less...

Since stress is an inevitable part of our lives and everyone is more or less prone to it, we need to find some methods that will help us deal with it.

Everything depends on your personality, habits, and the work that you want to rest from. Look at this list of 50 ways that you can get rid of stress and consider which ones you would most suit you. Or, if you already have a method that helps a lot, and we have not mentioned, share it with us in the comments section below.

  1. Take a deep breath 10 times.
  2. Do push-ups, sit-ups or squats.
  3. Play with the pet.
  4. Exit and take a short walk.
  5. Take a Coffee Break.
  6. Call your friend.
  7. Listen to a song.
  8. Watch a video on YouTube.
  9. Play a musical instrument.
  10. Meditate.
  11. Eat some healthy snacks.
  12. Start a short conversation on a simple theme.
  13. Make coffee.
  14. Sit on a bench in the park and observe the people around you.
  15. Draw something.
  16. Sing your favorite song.
  17. Imagine that your desk is the drum and start playing.
  18. Remind yourself of the good things in your life.
  19. Make plans for dinner.
  20. Get out in the sun and fresh air.
  21. Get outside and feed the birds.
  22. Make a small favor to someone.
  23. Write a message to your loved one.
  24. Water your flowers.
  25. Look at an older photo album.
  26. Drink a cup of lemonade
  27. Do a search on Google for “funny jokes”.
  28. Observe the stars.
  29. Enjoy the beautiful landscape.
  30. Play music and Invigorate like never before.
  31. Quickly take a shower.
  32. Write a song.
  33. Check your e-mail or facebook profile.
  34. Make a list of old things in your home to donate.
  35. Arrange your desk.
  36. Try to solve a puzzle or Sudoku.
  37. Spend some time with your children or grandchildren.
  38. Do an exercise or yoga.
  39. Shout as loud as you can (if you do not want to upset anyone, you can do it in a pillow).
  40. Go and have a back massage.
  41. Play billiards or ping-pong.
  42. Check the weather forecast.
  43. Read your horoscope.
  44. Plan the weekend.
  45. Say your prayer.
  46. Think about your family
  47. Wash your face with cold water.
  48. Lie briefly to sleep (do not forget to set the alarm).
  49. Remind yourself of your goals.
  50. Drive slowly through town.

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